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Define your Style with Casual Shirts

March 12, 2018 3 min read

Define your Style with Casual Shirts

Shirts are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing men are wearing for decades. All men love to wear casual shirts. A casual shirt is comfortable and easy to wear. Although, casual shirts cannot be worn for office and official meetings they are perfect for any other occasion.

A casual shirt provides a perfect balance between too formal and too casual. The key advantage of a casual shirt is that you can pair it with many different types of jeans and trousers. There are a large variety of casual shirts to choose from when you want to dress up for an informal occasion. Casual shirts usually come in solid colors, striped and check patterns, but now fashion designers are also creating other designs like prints and gradients.

Here are some tips that every man should know about wearing casual shirts:

Best Fit

The most important thing to consider is to wear the right size of a shirt. Your casual shirt should neither be too tight nor too loose, but it should fit on your body perfectly. Usually, casual shirts come in two types of fir that is slim fit and comfort fit. Some companies also make shirts for a skinny fit, but it is specially designed for skinny guys. The comfort fir is best for men with a beer belly while slim fir is suitable for men with a lean physique. 

Fabric Material

Casual shirts come in many fabrics such as cotton, linen, denim, Oxford, flannel, melange and poplin. The key point is to wear a shirt made of fabric that is light and breathable. It does not mean see-through or transparent; it means that it should allow the air to pass through so that you don’t sweat more in summers. You can choose the shirt of any fabric which makes you feel relaxed and comfortable.


Casual shirts come in a variety of patterns, but plain colors, checks, and stripes are the most common patterns. Stripes can be worn on semi-formal occasions like going out for dinner while checks look good on casual outings. The plain solid colors are perfect to wear for any occasion.


It is essential to choose the right bottom wear with your shirt to make a perfect combination. You can wear casual shirts with jeans, trousers, capris, and shorts. You need to see which type of bottom wear look good with which shirt. For example, plain and striped shirts look good with trousers while checks and printed shirts are perfect to wear with jeans.  Moreover, light color pants are best to wear with dark colored shirts and vice versa.


You also need to wear the right accessories with your casual shirt. If you like to wear ties, you can wear a plain or designer tie in contrast with the color of your shirt. Also, wear a belt that can match with your pair of shoes. You can wear any casual shoes that look perfect with your trousers or jeans.

Dandy & Son offers a variety of casual shirts for defining your perfect style for every occasion.  The most important thing about casual shirts is that you can wear them with any bottom wear and accessories. But you should take care that the all over combination looks perfect.