Men's fashion & Extreme Cutaway Collared Shirt

February 23, 2018 2 min read

Men's fashion & Extreme Cutaway Collared Shirt

When it comes to choosing the shirts, we have been pretty obscure on choosing them down on the style of collars. We consider fit, colors, and patterns, but what about the shirt collar style?

Though the style, color or patterns may vary, the collar is what distinguishes a classic piece from a normal one.

From cutaway collar, button down, and windsor, there is an astonishing range of collars to choose from.

And if you are looking for a versatile style for shirts, cutaway collared style is the way to go!

What is cutaway collared style?

Known as a Windsor collar, this collar emerged in the 1930’s and is an extreme version of the modern collared shirt.

It was once the standard collars the royals and silver age Hollywood stars.

Featuring a point that angles back towards the shoulders, it has a clean and contemporary design that comes as a modern choice for everyone. Read here how they serve as the best for every face shape.

Narrow or Diamond Face Shape

Source: Styletips4men           

Men with the narrow faced shape have pronounced cheekbones, and the cutaway collars counterbalance their long features. Choose a collar with the low and wide stance as it will help you create the appearance of the wider jaw.

Wide or Oblong Face Shape

Source: JJ Threads

Oblong faces have a curved U-shaped jaw. The cutaway collared shirt balances your overall face making it look a bit broader.

Oval Face Shape

Source: The House Of Shirts

Oval face shape is quite versatile. It is naturally balanced, symmetrical, and almost every collar style will suit you.

But if you are looking for a bit on the experimenting side, go for the cutaway collared shirts.

One of the great things about these collars is that they look elegant worn both buttoned and unbuttoned, because of the way the collar is tapered.

These shirts are precisely what you should wear when you need to pose a sharp look.So, whether you love the look of the cutaway collars or think that it is just repeated retro trend, it is hard to deny that they don’t make a statement.

Cutaway collar shirts look good on every face shape, and every man should have them in their wardrobe.