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How to fold a pocket square in four different ways

March 15, 2018 2 min read

How to fold a pocket square in four different ways

As soon as the cufflinks knocked the doors of fashion, pocket squares entered the scene too.

Now, no formal dress is complete without a pocket square, and it is ruling the streets of fashion along cufflinks.

Pocket squares are a magical object which can bring the best out of every tie, shirt, and suit.

It looks like everyone has a unique style of folding a pocket square these days.

So, for the people who are open to experiment with new techniques, here are some modish styles to fold a pocket square.


The classic square

This is the most classic way to fold a pocket square.

How to fold:

You just have to fold it in a square and put it in your upper pocket showing just a glimpse of it.

In the world where everyone, is experimenting with ‘the little cloth’, your classic pocket square may stand out, which is exactly what you want.

It supports a dapper look, and there is not a better way to show your authority at any event. 

The Puff

People call it the easiest way to fold a pocket square and one cannot argue with that.

Dandy and sons’ Silk Pocket Square Orange Paisley is suitable for this style, the silk will make it easy to move, and free folding means no worries.  

How to fold:

 You just have to pinch the midpoint of the cloth and let the rest of cloth fall naturally. Hold the pocket square firmly and gather rest of the stuff using another hand gently.

Draw together the bottom and benevolently put the pocket square in your suit.

The single peak

 The single peak pocket square is the most formal pocket square after the classic square.

This pocket square is also very easy to fold.

How to fold:

Face down the pocket in diamond position, now from the left and bottom corners fold it towards the top and right edges.

Then from the right and bottom corners to the top and left edges fold in half again. Crease the right top corner into the center and left curve to the right, for the final time.

Fold up the bottom of the cloth up. You have folded yourself ‘the single peak’ pocket square.

The Stairs

If you are looking for something more complicated than a simple fold or two, ‘the stairs pocket square’ is ideal for you.

It is more of a funky kind of pocket square that for except one can wear during formal occasions.

How to fold:

Iron the pocket square first, and then wrap it crossways in half from the top right corner to the bottom left.

Then pinch the cloth about two fingers lower than the first stair to form the second stair slightly beneath the first one.

Repeat the procedure to make another stair, then holding the three stairs, very vigilantly fold it in half.

Fold the right one behind the left and vice versa, fold the bottom up and put it in your pocket.

So these are a few tricky and straightforward ways to fold a pocket square. Try them according to the occasion and get ready to be the talk of the town.