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Dandy & Son Are Proud To Present: Our New Regular Fit Shirts!

May 03, 2023 4 min read

Regular shirt size launch for extreme cutaway collar Dandy & Son Shirts

We at Dandy & Son believe that a dress shirt is one of the most important and essential clothing item in any well-dressed man's wardrobe. And as you might know, a dress shirt for men can come in many different styles and fits. However, there are two main types of fit when it comes to dress shirts for men: tailored/slim fit shirt and regular fit. 

Dandy & Son are happy to announce that we have now launched our brand new collection of regular and relaxed fit dress shirts for men!

But you might wonder, what's the difference between our tailored fit shirts, and our new regular fit shirts for men?
In this article, we will explain and take you through the differences between a tailored shirt and a regular / relaxed fit shirt.

Regular Fit Shirts Are More Relaxed & Allow For More Movement

Regular fit shirts are a classic and traditional fit when it comes to dress shirts for men. They are designed to give you extra room for movement and comfort. And due to the fit of the shirt, they can be worn dressed down with a pair of jeans and a knitted cardigan, or dressed up for a business meeting or visit to a restaurant. In general, a regular fitted shirt is the perfect everyday companion!

The new regular fit shirts from Dandy & Son are different from our tailored fit shirts in 3 different areas. Which all added extra room for movement! 

  • They have a more relaxed fit around waist and chest.
  • The shirts are perfect for men with broader shoulder.
  • The regular shirt have a slightly wider sleeves, compared to the tailored fit.

Dandy and Son Regular Fit Extreme Cutaway Collar Shirt

Tailored Shirts Are Designed With a Slimmer Fit - To Hug Your Body.

A tailored fitted shirt from Dandy & Son has more of a tapered fit, which makes the shirt sit closer to the body, flattering the physique. A tailored fit shirt from Dandy & Son is narrower at the chest, waist, hem and overall upper body - compared to our new regular fit shirts.

Because of the tight and modern fit, a tailored fit shirt is a perfect shirt to wear under slim fit clothes, like a modern tailored fitted suit. So, If you are looking for a shirt that accentuates your body shape, a tailored-fit shirt from Dandy & Son is the way to go!

Dandy and Son Regular Fit Contrast Collar Shirt

Both Fits Are Stylish & Essential.

Both regular and tailored shirts can indeed enhance an outfit, but there’s no one-style-fits-all when it comes to formalwear for men. We at Dandy & Son believe that any well dressed man should have a mix of regular and tailored fit shirts in his wardrobe. Because one shirt might be perfect to wear to a business meeting or birthday party, but you would not wear it to a wedding.

Picking the right shirt can be a matter of personal preference: do you want something with a more structured feel that hugs your body, or something roomier, which allowed extra movement?

With the launch of Dandy and Son's new regular fit shirts, you don't have to choose! Its sophisticated cut is not only stylish and smart, but it allows breathing room across the upper body. This is the perfect balance of function and fashion, making every look effortlessly stylish!

And if you are on the hunt for slim fit / tailored shirts - then we also got that covered as well! It all depends on your preference.

Are you unsure?

Are you debating between a tailored fit shirt or a regular fit shirt? Trying to decide which style will look the best on you can be difficult without trying them on first. At Dandy and Son we offer both styles of shirts to fit different preferences. We have also made sure that we offer the best size charts and guides for our customers.

Find Your Perfect Size

Finding the right size is essential when it comes to shirts for men (and formal wear in general). We at Dandy & Son knows this, and have therefore created a great and detailed guide for you to use, to find you perfect size.

You can find the guide here, where you will use your own measurements to find the perfect size: FIND YOU PERFECT SIZE GUIDE

Here you can find our size chart: DANDY & SON SIZE CHART

In conclusion...

Apart from being brand new, the regular shirt from Dandy & Son also has some great features, in terms of fit, style and fabric. For example:

Dandy and Son collection of new regular size fit extreme cutaway collar shirts

Ready for a new look? Dandy and Son's new regular fit shirts have you covered! So head over to our website and discover our new collection.

If you have any questions about the difference between tailored fit and regular fit shirts, don't hesitate to contact us. We would love to help!