The Dandy Style

Close up extreme collar white shirt for men

Extreme Cutaway Collar

Featuring exaggerated tapering that is bold and assertive, this collar is equally elegant both buttoned and unbuttoned.

Originating from royalty and popularized in Hollywood. A fashion statement on a platter.

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Close up of cutaway blue cotton shirt paired with silk tie

Cutaway Collar

Boasting an angle that "cuts away" from the face, this shirt sets a distinguished tone for men with an adventurous spirit.

Spotted at weddings, the boardroom and nights on the town. Versatility personified.


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The dandy style blog extreme cutaway shirt with tie

The Dandy Style: How To Achieve It

What does it mean to embody the Dandy style? From brunch to black tie events – the Dandy man is immaculately put together.

Delve into the finer details that will set you apart from the pack.

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3 tie knots for extreme cutaway shirts blog cover image

3 Tie Knots For Extreme Cutaway Collars

The Windsor knot is classic for a reason. But why not try something a little more… exotic?

Learn unique knots that pair perfectly with extreme cutaway collars.

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