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How to Find Your Most Flattering Colors Based On Your Complexion

July 05, 2018 3 min read

How to Find Your Most Flattering Colors Based On Your Complexion

Color. It expresses, inspires, boosts confidence, creates lasting impressions and so much more.

Undoubtedly one of the more powerful weapons in our closet arsenal, many people are clueless or scared to put it to good use. Are you staring at a sea of neutrals? Have you seen specific colors look awesome on other people, only to try it yourself and be disappointed? You are not alone. We’ve all fallen victim to a clash of undertones. Instead of steering clear of colors, we’ve got some tips on how to find your most flattering colors based on your complexion.

It’s More About Undertones

Skin comes in an array of shades – too many to count. Not to mention your skin probably changes color depending on what season it is. Thankfully, when it comes to finding your most flattering colors, what matters is your undertone - the color beneath the surface – and there are only three categories of undertones, thank goodness. What are they? Cool, Warm and Neutral. So, you may have the same skin color as someone, but your undertones may differ. That’s why someone else may look great in a certain color, while you look like a clown.


This refers to those of you who have pink, red or bluish undertones and applies to skin that ranges from fair to dark. If your skin has cool undertones, your skin looks best in oceanic colors such as navy or royal blue, white, gray and black. Purple, green and pink also work well as they contrast the natural red of your skin. Despite what you may think, steer clear of reds and oranges.

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People in this category have skin that has yellowish (golden) or greenish undertones. Olive-skinned individuals are also warm-toned. Contrary to their cool-toned friends, warm-toned individuals looks great in honey gold, brown, maple red, burnt orange and other earthy tones. Keep away from icy shades or jeweled tones. Instead, think autumn and embrace dark green. You also can’t go wrong with corals and cream. Pale grey and royal blue tend to leave warm-toned guys looking washed out, so keep away from those colors.


The best of both worlds. That’s what neutral skin-toned individuals get to experience. You can pretty much wear any color you choose as you tend to be a mix of both warm and cool tones. As tempting as it may be to go crazy with colors, those with neutral tones look best with softened versions of color rather than bright or neon ones as the brighter colors tend to overwhelm neutral skin. The only exception is true red – that’s a hit on neutral-toned skin. Off-whites, black, jade green, coffee and dusty pink, for example, will look great on you. We recommend ourHigh Cutaway Black Shirt for a classic look.

Color: Embrace It

We’ve all thought it at some point; “It looks good on him but I couldn’t possibly pull it off.” We get it. Colors can be intimidating. However, the right colors will only enhance what you already have. Combined with great style, there’s nothing stopping you. If colors scare you, begin by wearing neutral colors and accessorizing with colors that suit your undertones. Better yet, find some celebrity inspiration!