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Business or Pleasure? Packing Tips for Formal Wear

June 26, 2018 2 min read

Business or Pleasure? Packing Tips for Formal Wear

Whether you are the type of person who packs a bag days in advance or the type to pack hurriedly the night before (or the day of) a trip, we all face the same struggle when it comes to packing formal wear.

Be it business or pleasure, chances are you’ll be packing at least one formal item in your suitcase – just in case – only for it to be wrinkled when you need it, without an iron in sight. To be honest, ironing is a drag anyway so the less you have to do – the better. With these packing tips for formalwear, you’ll be ready to go as soon as you land.

Iron Before You Pack

This goes without saying, but ironing or dry cleaning your formal wear before packing will go a long way in helping your clothes stay wrinkle-free.

Fold the Right Way

As tempting as it may be to fold your formal wear any old way, don’t. Take the extra time to fold carefully. Take your jacket, for example. Turn it inside out and then fold it. This way, all creases and wrinkles will be on the inside (thanks to the jacket’s multilayered design).

Your shirt, however, should not be folded but rolled instead. Folding creates too many edges that become compressed in your (tightly packed) suitcase. First, button your shirt, leaving the collar unbuttoned, then fold the shirt in half with the sleeves towards the outside, aligning with the buttons. Then roll towards the collar. Easy, right?

Thankfully, formal trousers have a crease along the side. Take advantage of this and fold the trousers along the crease; this way, you don’t create new creases.

Use a Garment Bag

Garment bags keep all your “hanging” clothes in one place, and  have the added bonus of counting as carry-on luggage. For added protection against creases and wrinkles, wrap your formal wear in light plastic bags, such as the ones from the dry cleaners. This prevents the fabric from rubbing against itself and causing more wrinkles.

Invest in Non-Iron Shirts

Some call it lazy, we call it genius. The convenience! Save space, put away that travel-sized iron and pack another Hawaiian shirt. A good quality non-iron shirt, such as the ones found in ourNon-Iron Shirt Collection, can be worn and washed several times without losing its shape or needing to be ironed - a lifesaver for the frequent business traveler who can save space and pack other essentials.

When All Else Fails

Still have some creases and wrinkles in your formal wear? Save time by hanging your shirt as close to the shower as possible, taking a hot shower and letting the steam get rid of the creases.

Packing Formal Wear: It’s All in the Preparation

Give yourself enough time to pack your items carefully. It also doesn’t hurt to invest in good quality formal wear as the cheap ones tend to crease, wrinkle and lose their shape a lot easier. An extra 5-10 minutes spent packing your formal wear correctly can spare you the grief of trying to get rid of those messy creases.