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Style Tips To Make You Look Taller

July 05, 2018 2 min read

Style Tips To Make You Look Taller

“I stand out not because I am six feet tall,but because I feel six feet tall.” ― Anthony T. Hincks


Ok, so you might not be six feet tall but there’s no reason why you shouldn’tfeel six feet tall.

The point in this quote is less about height and more about confidence. Although short guys are often made to feel bad about their height, they too can feel as tall as they want with a little help from their wardrobe. Here are some style tips for short guys that will have them reaching new heights.

Stick to a Monochrome Palette

When dressing to look taller, the goal is to fool people’s eyes into traveling smoothly up your body. Contrasting colors create obvious divisions along the body, highlighting where the legs, for example, end and the torso begins. Avoid this effect by wearing a monochromatic color scheme – same color (dark colors in particular), different shades – giving the illusion of height. Remember to keep the darker shades on the bottom half of your body and lighter shades on top. We suggest a dark pair of blue jeans with ourWide Spread Blue Premium Weave Shirt.

This rule extends to your footwear as well. Achieve this by wearing low-contrasting footwear. That is, your shoes should not contrast your trousers. White sneakers should be avoided when wearing dark jeans or trousers in order to have a lengthening effect.

Tuck Your Shirt In

Yes, your mother was right. Your button-down shirts should be tucked in – most of the time. This makes your legs look longer – a key factor when trying to look taller. On days when tucking in is not an option, your untucked shirt or t-shirt should not go past your hip bone as that would make your legs appear shorter than they already are. Not the look you’re going for.

Fool the Eyes with Vertical Lines

You may have heard that vertical lines are slimming while horizontal lines have the opposite effect. Well, vertical lines also help give the illusion of height. Opt for a dress shirt that has alternating white and colored stripes of equal width such as ourWide Spread Big Stripes Shirt. Textured fabrics with an obvious vertical pattern such as corduroy are also a good choice. Otherwise, stick to smooth fabrics to avoid visual clutter.

Accessorize Up High

Keep attention off the length of your body and draw viewers’ attention upwards. Ties and pocket squares such as our100% Silk White Flower Pocket Square offer the perfect distraction in the right direction. Just be careful not to over-accessorize; one or two accessories is more than enough.

Confidence: The Ultimate Style Tip for Short Guys

Whatever you choose to wear, make sure itfeels good. The best way to look taller is to feel good about yourself, and your personal style is one way to help get you there. If you’re still figuring out how to blend your style with looking taller, keep it simple. Having too much going on at once may put a dent in your confidence and cap your height goals. In the meantime, fake it ‘til you make it!