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10 Wardrobe Essentials For Men (2022 Edition)

March 01, 2022 7 min read

10 Wardrobe Essentials For Men (2022 Edition)

The changing of seasons means that the Fashion Police are out in full force! Well... figuratively speaking at least.

So it's time to ensure you have all of your wardrobe essentials sorted.

What is a wardrobe essential you might think? Wardrobe essentials are all the great items we believe should be in every modern man's wardrobe. Getting the basics right makes dressing better easier and ensures you can look more put together when out on dates, at work or simply hanging out with friends. Style is a way of life.

We are not saying that all men are the same, enjoy the same things or should all have these identical items. Everyone reserves the right to self expression and needs to let their own personality shine through. But maybe you are stuck in a white tee and dark indigo jeans state of mind and want to level up? Maybe you want to adapt and have more business casual / smart casual options? Or, maybe you want to go all in and become a full-blown formal and well dressed gentleman this year? In every case, versatility is key - laying foundations that can then be built out.

In this article, we will present 10 men's wardrobe essential items which we believe are great for any and every stylish modern man. These essentials serve as foundational elements upon which you can build your entire wardrobe along with some feature pieces designed to make a statement. Building your wardrobe around these items allows you to dress well, regardless of the occasion or season.

1) Extreme Cutaway Shirt from Dandy & Son

We believe that having a good range of shirts, both casual shirts and dress shirts, is the foundation for any good style wardrobe when it comes to mens fashion.

Dandy & Son is a different kind of clothing line. They are a Norwegian based brand which specialises modern and eye catching shirts for men, such as the Extreme Cutaway Shirt. This is a classic with a twist - providing just enough differentiation where it matter most - the collar. Works equally well with a tie or unbuttoned and informal.

With a large and expanding international following, their shirts are seen on the streets of New York, on Pitti in Milan and Darling Point in Sydney. And anywhere in between.

We recommend a classic white extreme cutaway shirt with barrel cuff for the most versatility. Add a contrast collar option in blue or pink as a secondary option that will really turn heads at your next formal affair.

As always, remember to develop your own style identity and dress code (if you want a new one or just an upgrade) – by understanding how different pieces fit together, you’ll be able to adapt them to suit any situation in life! Pick out a colour or design that fits well with your favourite suit and you'll be well prepared when you need it most.

Image Below: Blue Striped Long Sleeve Extreme Cutaway Dress Shirts from Dandy & Son

Blue Striped Extreme Cutaway Shirt from Dandy and Son

Image Below: Light Blue Extreme Cutaway Shirt with White Collar and Cuffs from Dandy & Son

Light Blue Extreme Cutaway Shirt with White Collar and Cuffs from Dandy and Son

2) Bamigo - Bamboo Underwear for Men

What underwear you wear is very important because it is the item of clothing you wear closest to your body and therefor is has a direct impact on your comfort.

Which is why bamboo underwear is the ultimate wardrobe staple. It's soft, breathable and most importantly; it keeps you dry all day long. Bamboo fibres wick moisture away from your body so you stay cool in the summer and warm during winter months.

Bamboo fabric is also anti-bacterial, meaning it helps to prevent bacteria build-up and keeps you feeling fresh all day long. So if you're looking for a better option than cotton underwear, look no further than Bamigo! The tight / slim fit of their underwear makes them perfect to wear under chino pants as well as a three piece suit.

Bamigo also do other items of clothing made from bamboo such as t shirts!

Image Below: Bamboo underwear, available in solid and neutral colors.

Plain Bamboo Underwear for Men From Bamigoo

3) Drift Sleepwear - Comfy Sleepwear & Plain Neutral T shirt

Men's wardrobe essential doesn't only have to be what you wear during the day in public. Having a good and decent pair of pyjamas is just as important!

We would recommend these cool pyjama bottoms from Drift Sleepwear! All of Drift Sleepwear's pyjamas bottoms feature hand drawn exclusive prints, calling upon inspiration from faraway places and cultures. Designed for comfort, their pyjama sets are created with a unique fit, using only premium materials that are soft, breathable, and lightweight.

Drift Sleepwear also offer organic classic style grey and white t shirt to wear either together with the pyjama bottoms, under your shirt or as part of a more casual outfit (like a denim jacket, black jeans and white trainers)

Having a plain white t shirt as part of your wardrobe is crucial, and we are sure that most guys actually would love these t shirts from Drift Sleepwear. They are perfect to wear under your plain or collared shirts!

Image Below: Organic White T shirts from Drift Sleepwear, perfect to wear under your Extreme Cutaway Shirt or White Oxford Shirt.

Plain White Organic Cotton T Shirt from Drift Sleepwear

Image Below: White and Grey Organic T Shirts and Pyjama Bottoms from Drift Sleepwear.

Organic T-shirts and Pyjamas for Men from Drift Sleepwear

4) McCann Bespoke - A Stylish Navy Suit

A black or navy suit is the most versatile, and the most popular suits among men. You can wear it in almost any situation. When you need to be a bit more dressed up you can easily accessorise the suit with a white (or other solid color) shirt, tie and pocket square.

And when you want to dress a bit more casual, the navy blazer can be dressed down with a pair or jeans and casual sneakers for example. This makes the outfit more casual but still very smart! The great thing with having a suit is that you can also wear the items individually.

There are a many different types of suits which fits all body types, not just the ones who want slim fit!

Image Below: Stylish Navy Blue Suit from McCann Bespoke

Navy Blue Suit from McCann Bespoke

5) Hentley - Luxurious Italian Leather Wallet

A cool, clean and luxurious wallet is essential in any mans wardrobe and life.

The Hentley Wallet is a classic piece of men's fashion accessories. This Italian-made leather wallet is great for the modern man who wants to keep his style minimalistic and classy. The slim design fits easily into any pocket, making it easy to take with you wherever you go. The high-quality leather construction ensures that the wallet will last you for years to come.

Hentley offers a range of wallets made from the finest Italian leather. RFID protection blocks any attempts to steal your personal data, making this wallet a must-have for any man looking to keep his information safe. With a sleek, stylish design, this wallet is perfect for those who want the best in terms of quality and security.

Image Below: Red Lahore Leather Wallet from Hentley

Red Lahore Leather Wallet from Hentley

Red Lahore Leather Wallet from Hentley

6) Happy Socks - Spice up Your Dress Shoes With a Pair of Fun and Colourful Socks!

Sometimes we all need a bit more colours in our lives. But maybe a vibrant and colourful sporty graphic tee isn't your thing.

Then why not get yourself a good pair of colourful socks, that without a doubt will liven up your dress shoes (like suede chukka or Chelsea boot).

So pop over to Happy Socks and get yourself a pair of fun and colourful socks that would go well with any black or brown dress shoe!

Image Below: Fun Black, White and Grey socks from Happy Socks

Black White and Grey socks from Happy Socks

7) The Hattic - Mens Fedora Hat

Milliner and hat designer Phillip Tracey once said that "How a hat makes you feel is what a hat is all about."

We believe that a modern and well-fitted hat can complete any man's out outfit and make him ready for any occasion.

So if you are in the mood for maybe a new hat, or your first ever hat? Then we would recommend you to check out The Hattic, a British hat company that has been making hats since 1989. The Hattic offers a wide range of stylish hats - from fedoras and docker hats to trilby and caps - so you're sure to find the perfect hat for your style.

We think every man should have at least one great hat in his wardrobe, and we know that The Hattic will make you feel like a million bucks!

Image Below: Brown Pinch Trilby with Leather Strap/Band from The Hattic.

Brown Pinch Trilby with Leather Strap/Band from The Hattic.

8) OTAA - Classic and Fun Pocket Squares

A man's pocket square will fulfil a great outfit for any formal event or occasion. OTAA (Online Ties Accessories Australia) offers a range of high-quality cotton pocket squares in a variety of colours, patterns and fabrics.

A pocket square doesn't have to be in a solid colour. Just like the socks you wear, it's the perfect accessory to wear to add a bit more colour. After all, it is the perfect way to add a bit of personality and style to any outfit.

Image Below: White Cotton Pocket Square from OTAA.

White Cotton Pocket Square from OTAA

Image Below: Colourful Pocket Square (Rio De Janeiro Jungle) from OTAA.

Colourful Pocket Square (Rio De Janeiro Jungle) from OTAA

9) The British Belt Company - Mens Leather Belts

100 years ago (in the 1920's) men started wearing belts on a modern regular basis, as part of their everyday outfits. Before the 1920s, belts served mostly a decorative purpose, and / or were associated with the military.

A good, sturdy belt is an essential piece of any man's wardrobe. A belt not only keeps your pants up, but it also can be a great way to add personality and style to your outfit. The British Belt Company offers a wide range of high-quality leather belts in a variety of colors and styles, perfect for any man looking to add some edge to his look.

A robust and modern leather belt can also fulfil a plain outfit like a pair of dark wash jeans, white tee and a leather jacket.

Image Below: Tan Brown Leather Belt from The British Belt Company.

Tan Brown Leather Belt from The British Belt Company

Tan Brown Leather Belt from The British Belt Company

10) English Cufflinks - Handmade & Bespoke cufflinks

Cufflinks became more common in the 18 century and is a must-have accessory when it comes to formal dress.

But what exactly is a a cufflink? A cufflink is a decorative link that attaches to the two sides of a man's dress shirt cuffs (long sleeve). They are typically made from metal, but can also be made from other materials like wood, plastic or enamel.

You probably would not wear cufflinks with your every day smart casual look with denim shirt. But cufflinks is the perfect accessory that will take your outfit from business casual to more formal. We believe that every man should own at least one classic pair of cufflinks in his wardrobe!

Image Below: Minimalist Square Cufflinks from English Cufflinks.

Minimalist Square Cufflinks from English Cufflinks


We hope that you enjoyed this article about 10 Wardrobe Essentials for Men. Feel free to share it with all the men in your life who might want to update their style and wardrobe!

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Thank You and Happy Shopping!