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What your preferred shirt collar style says about you

April 21, 2018 3 min read

What your preferred shirt collar style says about you

One way or another, we always end up preferring a certain style of collar. You may not know exactly why you like it so much. It could be because it’s the most flattering for your face shape. Or maybe it’s because it looks good with your favourite tie and your go-to knot. It could even be because that’s what’s in style right now!

Regardless of why we choose to wear them, each one sends its own message. You may not necessarily know how you are perceived when you wear a certain style of collar, so we decided to debunk it. Here’s what your preferred shirt collar style says about you:

Wide spread

You’re a modern, confident guy who pays attention to fashion and likes to look proper, clean and stylish. You’ve perfected the Windsor knot to pair with the spread of the collar - and yes, you know that you should match your ties’ knots to your shirt collar.

Dandy & Sons pick:

You’ll love ourWide Spread Non-iron Blue Grid Shirt - the soft blue checkered pattern is interesting to the eye without demanding too much attention. Plus, you know you’ll always look put together because of the 100% non-iron cotton fabric (that feels just like normal cotton).

Button down

You’re a practical and grounded kind of guy who prefers logic, reason and pragmatic thinking. You prefer facts over fiction and don’t like beating around the bush. You prefer a mix of tailored yet casual style - in other words, preppy and you can go with or without a tie.

Dandy & Sons pick:

TheButton Down Multi Check Flannel Shirt is the perfect choice for a lazy Sunday brunch or casual Friday at work. Wear it with jeans or khakis and pair it with or without a tie - this is our go-with-the-flow shirt.

Extreme cutaway

You don’t follow trends - you create them: you don’t want to blend into the background, you like standing out and you do it in style. A good day is when someone stops you and asks “Where did you get that [insert unique item of clothing here]?”. You’re a people person who can be slightly impulsive at times and try new things.

Dandy & Sons pick:

Why not pair a bold collar with a bold pattern? Not everyone can pull off an aggressive pinstripe, but we’re sure you probably can. Try ourExtreme Cutaway Pinstripe Shirt and pair it with an even bolder tie and you’ve got it made.

Traditional straight point

What can we say? You’re not exactly someone who “takes chances”, yet you’re ambitious and driven by success. You like to keep things simple and straightforward, never straying too far off the beaten path, but if there’s someone who knows how to make that beaten path work for them, it’s gonna be you.

Dandy & Sons pick:

Simply unbutton the collar of theButton Down White Premium Shirt and voila! You’ve got yourself the classic straight-point collar you’ve been looking for. And bonus: having the buttons makes it a two-in-one!


You’re a work hard, play hard kind of guy. You don’t like to mix business and pleasure, just like you don’t mix your emotions into your decisions. You’re open to change and doing things differently, you’re mind is never fully made up - you almost want people to change it. You like the challenge.

Dandy & Sons pick:

Why not go for theLimited Edition Extreme Cutaway Contrast Shirt French Cuff? Just like yourself, it’s an edgy twist on a classic!

Of course, none of this means you can’t wear whatever shirt collar you want. But if you find yourself always going back to the same one, explore new options and maybe you’ll discover that you actually have a new favourite. There are so many different styles of collar out there, limiting yourself to a couple is just not fair to your wardrobe.