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Style That Denim Shirt With Flair

June 03, 2018 2 min read

Style That Denim Shirt With Flair

One of the classics, the denim shirt has stood the test of time, never really going completely out of style.

Dressed up or dressed down, the denim shirt is a truly versatile piece. Whether you’re a modern guy in the city, a logger in the woods or somewhere in between, there is a denim style for you. When you have as many options as you do with such a versatile piece, styling it can be surprisingly difficult. Not sure what to do with this wardrobe staple? Here’s how to style that denim shirt with flair.

Worn Open, As a Jacket

Sure, denim jackets exist. The great thing about style, however, is that it is personal. So, forget the denim jacket and welcome the denim shirt. Worn open or buttoned  just halfway up, with a basic t-shirt, this look is masculine, laid back and works year-round – from those cooler summer days to the winter months that require an extra layer. When pairing it with jeans, make sure the denim shirt is a lighter shade. Another option is to pair it with chinos instead. This look is super comfortable and works great for a busy day around town.

Denim on Denim

Speaking of denim jeans, the denim on denim look has not faded through the decades. While the two pieces should have a matching wash, they should not be exactly the same. Pair the two with a Western-looking shoe and you’ve got a pretty good look going on.

Go Preppy

Are you tired of the usual office-wear? Give the preppy look a try. The trick is to mix colors, fabric and textures. Combine the denim shirt with a knitted bow-tie and trousers in a contrasting color for a less formal, yet work appropriate look.

Leather on Denim

Your options for contrasts in the world of fashion can go on and on. Pair your denim shirt with another wardrobe staple that has stood the test of time – the leather jacket. Decide whether to make the leather jacket the star or the accent of the look – either way, the two fabrics complement each other effortlessly. Leave the denim shirt unbuttoned with a basic or striped t-shirt underneath for casual style, or buttoned up for a more formal look. These two pieces together make an excellent pairing particularly between seasons.

Polish-Up Your Street Wear

Lunch date with mom? Swap out your oversized t-shirt for a well-fitted denim shirt to soften up your street wear. No need to swap out your camouflage pants and bright sneakers – the denim shirt will score an A-OK from mom and allow you to maintain your personal style.

Styling a Denim Shirt: Fit is Everything

Even when going for the oversized look, the denim shirt should still be the correct size, instead of simply too big. A bad fit instantly ruins the entire look, no matter what you are wearing.

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