Style Rules for a Man in his 40's

March 26, 2018 3 min read

Style Rules for a Man in his 40's



“Life does begin at forty. Up until then, you are just doing research!” – Carl G Jung

If you too are in your 40’s, now is the time to put to work all the research done till date. Gear up oneself for styling oneself of your age.

Men in 40’s carry themselves with authority and pride. And your dressing sense must narrate the same kind of story.

Dressing as you should, doesn’t mean dress up like you are retiring. But it does mean that dress up like you are the same dynamic and adventurous soul with more sense of maturity and calmness!

Well! It’s too early to retire

When we say that you can wear anything you want, we mean it for sure!

But wear according to your body shape. What used to fit you well in your 20’s, won’t necessarily fit you well to date. Rather than throwing those garments out of your wardrobe, check out if they can be fixed through tailoring.

So, just go, edit and upgrade your wardrobe!

Be wary of that sportswear

We don’t profess that don't wear the sportswear in your 40’s. But try to keep everything minimalist. If you want to wear sweats or joggers, it’s cool, but they should be plain and quality-checked.

Also, opt according to your fitness. Analyse what goes right with the body shape and size that you own.

Preserve that grace while you age

They say grey hair is sign of wisdom!

Why do you want to hide the fact that you are wise enough by dying those grey hair? The grey hair is indeed a beautiful accessory.

You would stop dyeing someday for sure. And aging in a day won’t look pretty cool for sure. So, don’t get trapped in the vicious cycle of dyeing your hair. Grow old as gracefully as you can.

What all you need to add up to your wardrobe?

A bespoke suit

A made to measure garment with that grace preserved is an ideal must-have for your wardrobe. It would be your best friend till retirement if taken good care of.

Neat knits

The neat knits offer a whole range of class and sophistication. Pair those knitwears with jeans and a t-shirt. They would work as smart wear and far better than those sweatshirts and hoodies.

Watch for the watch

Accessorize oneself with a mechanical watch as a gift for all the work you have done to be where you stand tall today. The clocks for sure set the statement right. Don’t go for a funky piece but opt for a plain and subtle bit that would reflect the calmness that you hold within.

Set the fragrance right

The vibes and fragrances are what you carry with yourself. The aroma of those scents and perfumes must be soothing and mature as you are. Go for the sophisticated scents for a suitable retro vibe!

Sometimes, we don’t get the style thing on the line; the key is to carry whatever you are wearing with utmost grace.

Be as dynamic as you can through your dressing sense and accessories but with the caution of not being too old or too young for your age!