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3 Tie Knots For Extreme Cutaway Collars

April 09, 2018 3 min read

3 tie knots for extreme cutaway shirts blog cover image


The look of the extreme cutaway collar is everything but basic. This unique collar style is both sophisticated, yet eye-catching. It’s versatile enough that you could pair it with more traditional jackets and colors but its boldness cries out for something that makes a stronger fashion statement.

When it comes to ties, you have a slew of choices of color, pattern, shape and knot (and don’t forget to check out our own collection for the perfect pairing). With most of these options, you could always go for the basic Windsor knot (which is the go-to for this style of collar), but why not try something a little more… exotic? Here are three of our favourite knots to pair with extreme cutaway collars. 

1. The Four-In-Hand Knot

Likely the most popular and versatile knot in the bunch, the Four-In-Hand is the one you know how to do but don’t know what it’s called. Other than the fact that it’s a ridiculously easy knot to tie, its best feature in my book is that it’s self-releasing. You can accomplish this knot with any style, shape and material, so when in doubt - use the Four-In-Hand. Here’s how to do it:

It comes in handy when you’re...

  • ... running out of time
  • ... not particular about symmetry in your tie knots


2. The Oriental Knot

This knot is a variation of the Simple knot. While you could use it as is, you can modify a few of the steps to make the knot a little thicker. Doing so will make it much more suitable to extreme cutaway collars because it will become very wide and therefore fill in the space between the points better. To achieve the thickness, the wide end of the tie is wrapped around the narrow end several times so be prepared to end up with a shorter tie than normal. If you don’t like the look of shorter ties (or don’t feel particularly adventurous), you can always cover it up with a vest. Here are the steps below. If you want to achieve a thicker knot, just repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 3 times before you move on to step 5:


It comes in handy when you’re...

  • ... wearing a vest
  • … looking for a symmetrical knot
  • … wearing a wide tie


3. The Prince Albert Knot

This knot has all the basic features of the Four-In-Hand but with a little extra bulk in the knot. Compared to other wide knots like the previously mentioned Balthus and Windsor knots, this one is pretty simple to do. It’s a good option if the pattern on the tie is bigger and doesn’t show well on a Four-In-Hand and you’re looking for something a little more regal than the classic Windsor, for example. This is how it’s done:


It comes in handy when you’re...

  • ... wearing a tie with a larger scale pattern
  • … wearing a particularly narrow tie and want to add bulk in the knot
  • … not satisfied with the look of the Four-In-Hand


BONUS: The Murrell Knot

For all you guys out there who want to push the envelope a little further, this is the knot for you! It’s still outspoken enough that it’ll make a few heads turn, but in a stylish way. The knot itself looks closer to the Four-In-Hand, but more symmetrical. The real wow factor is in the long part of the tie, as it’s been inverted. That means the narrow end sits in front of the wide end, not the other way around. Plus, it’s self-releasing and pretty easy to do. In fact, all you have to do is follow the steps of the Windsor, but have the wide end lie flat as you loop the narrow end around it:


It comes in handy when you’re...

  • ... feeling a little adventurous
  • … wearing a tie where the narrow end is a different color or pattern than the wide end
  • … looking to make a fashion statement

No matter how you choose to accessorize your daring extreme cutaway collar shirt, one thing is for certain: it’s a real head-turner! So don’t hesitate to have a little fun with bolder colors, louder patterns and maybe, someday, a funky tie knot!

Extreme Cutaway Pink Premium Contrast Shirt French Cuff from Dandy & Son
Extreme Cutaway Pink Premium Contrast Shirt French Cuff from Dandy & Son

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