What Your First Date Outfit Says About You

June 14, 2018 2 min read

What Your First Date Outfit Says About You

First impressions are everything. Did you know that it only takes 7 seconds for first impressions to be made upon first meeting someone? 7 seconds to impress. 7 seconds to help yourself score that second date. No pressure.

How can you make those first 7 seconds count? With your outfit. It’s the first thing they’ll see and let’s be honest, judge you upon, so you might as well make it work to your advantage. Obviously, the key is to send the right message. Here are some messages about yourself that you might want to send your date, and how you can send them.

I’m a Confident Man

You may be nervous, but there’s no reason your date should know that from the get go. Confidence is attractive, and given the situation, that’s probably a look you don’t only want to go for, it’s a look you need to feel. The trick is to wear something comfortable, well-fitted and that makes you feel good about yourself.

Stick to what you know and feel most comfortable in. For example, if a white shirt and jeans is your go-to, wear that but switch it up a bit. We recommend our lightweightHigh Cutaway Black Shirt with a dark jean for a more sophisticated look. Bold colors such as red also exude confidence so feel free to throw in a bold colored jacket or tie to complete the look.

I Put Some Thought into This

Effort counts. No need for designer clothes and flashy jewelry. The message you are trying to convey here is that you are a responsible adult who thinks things through and shows up prepared. Besides, your date probably went out of their way to look good for you, why not return the favor?

Even if you’ve arranged a casual date, you shouldn’t dress sloppy. Why not wear our slim fitWide Spread Linen Leaves Shirt with a pair of jeans. The linen shirt is way smarter than a t-shirt yet comfortable enough for a fun, casual date.

I’m Mature

Believe it or not, your choice of shoe says a lot about your maturity. Gone are the days of brightly colored neon green and orange sneakers. Color isn’t bad at all, but your approach to it should change. You can’t go wrong with dress shoes, loafers, white sneakers or a nice pair of boots paired with a quality 100% cotton shirt such as ourExtreme Cutaway Pink Weave Premium Shirt.

Your First Date Outfit: Stay True to Yourself

Sure, it’s all about first impressions on the first date. But while you are trying to impress, it is even more important to stay true to yourself. Your date wants to get to knowyou, but you should also be comfortable and confident with the person you present to them. Your style plays a huge part in this, sending (hopefully) the right messages not just to your date, but to you and your self-confidence as well.