The Bold Style of the Extreme Cutaway Collar

September 06, 2017 2 min read

The Bold Style of the Extreme Cutaway Collar

The Cutaway Collar offers a retro yet modern look of sophistication sure to capture the eye of everyone in the room. Originating in the 1930's and taking its style from the Windsor Knot, the Cutaway is a step away from trendy fashion and allows its wearer to showcase a more personalized look.

By definition, the Cutaway is aptly named due to its angle that "cuts away" from your face. The Cutaway Collar is not necessarily for the conservative dresser and offers the best presentation when paired with bright colors or designs and non-traditional suit jacket cuts. Casual wear to formal wear, the Cutaway Collar can offer the fashion statement you wish to make.

Black Cutaway Shirt for Men from Dandy & SonCutaway Black Easy-Iron Shirt from Dandy & Son

Extreme Cutaway Collars emphasize facial and neck features and work well with a strong jaw-line and determined chin. Dandy & Son offers an Extreme Cutaway Shirt selection with a variety of designs.  Dandy & Sons personally designed Cutaway style works with your personal taste. While traditional Cutaway Collars are typically worn with a wide tie, Dandy & Son has perfected the style to accommodate any tie knot you prefer whether it be a Half Knot, Kelvin Knot or a Four-In-Hand Knot.

An added bonus to the Extreme Cutaway Collar is that it doesn't even require a tie to remain a stylish accessory to your wardrobe. When worn casually, it is just as handsome as when worn with a suit jacket and tie. Its versatile design alone makes the Extreme Cutaway Collar shirt a must have in your wardrobe collection. Whether your day calls for high-end business, business casual or simply, casual, this is the shirt that can handle any role you need to play.

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