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Perfect your Tie Game: Tips to tie it, Pair it, Style it!

April 18, 2018 3 min read

Perfect your Tie Game: Tips to tie it, Pair it, Style it!

Neckties have been popular for the last few decades and continue to contribute to the men’s fashion industry. A necktie is a small accessory but it is enough to get noticed. It is the first thing that attracts attention and people are sure to notice it at the first glance.

A man wearing a tie gets noticed instantly as he enters a place whether it’s a party or any other occasion. Whether you dress up for an official meeting or getting ready for an evening, a tie is sure to style you up for any occasion. If you want a tie that looks unique and great on its own, it should perfectly match with the rest of your clothing.

All the men should know about the different tie patterns and how to use them across different settings. Here are some basic tips which men can use to style themselves with ties:

White tie

The white tie offers you a great fancy look for any occasion as most men wear colored ties. This small accessory is sure to attract people’s attention as you might the only one wearing a white tie. You can wear it with a black shirt or any other dark colored shirt. It looks perfect it worn with a dark shirt and light-colored blazer.  A white tie offers perfect with a dark shirt and light blazer. However, if you want to wear a dark blazer like navy blue, you can experiment it with a light colored shirt.

Black Tie

The best thing about a black colored tie is that it makes a good contrast with any light shirt and dark blazer. Moreover, designer black looks better than a plain black tie as it offers you a different look and defines your style. The design and pattern of a tie depend on the personal preference as men feel much confident when they wear their own choice. The black-tie looks best on white, light pink and sky blue colored shirt.

Length and Width Matters

All men are of different heights and the length of tie also needs to be different. Whatever be your height, the tip of your tie should exactly reach your beltline. The width of the tie should also be appropriate as per the broadness of your shoulders. The width should be between 2.25 to 2.75 inches at its widest point. The right length and width of the tie are important to add up to your style statement.

Design and Color

The color and design of the tie should not only match with your outfit but also the occasion for which you are wearing it. Dark solid colors are the best to wear on formal occasions like office parties and meetings. Light and dark colors with dots, in contrast, looks good on occasions like weddings and house parties. For informal occasions like clubs and parties with friends, any designer tie will do the job.

Every man should keep a collection of ties for different occasions as well as some ties that can be worn for any occasion. Dandy & Son offers a great variety of ties in different designs and colors at affordable prices. So, the next time you go for shopping fashion accessories, look for some ties that can be worn on all occasions like the light and dark colored ties with little design. Moreover, when it comes to style statement, it is not only your clothing that matters but also your confidence and the way you carry yourself.