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Major Street Style Trends for 2018

March 21, 2018 2 min read

Major Street Style Trends for 2018

Want to shop for something unique and liberating?

Then try out the streetwear for its uniqueness and style. The streetwear is booming for the comfort and class that they represent. From florals to plain whites, the streetwear has every option to give expression to your personality.

Let’s check out what works the best for you!

Printed short-sleeved oversized shirts

The floral or aloha printed shirts are a must in your wardrobe in 2k18. The short-sleeved and over-sized shirts suit all the men who know how to carry them with style.

Being a perfect escape to the heat and soothing to the eyes, these shirts are gaining immense popularity.

Also, these shirts can be effortlessly carried for you to sense the comfort and liberation.

The slogan t-shirts

It seemed as if the slogan t-shirts are no more the fashion thing. But pause!

Here they come again with varied wordings. Some to break the stereotypes and others for holy messages, the slogan t-shirts are breaking the fashion statements to hold their place hard.

Because the whites are always in

Right from the plain white round neck loose t-shirt to the florally printed white-shirt, the whites are still in trend.

The whites pair up with anything and everything and all the occasions and seasons quite well, making them the best of all.

Don’t forget to bring it in harmony with whatever you are pairing it with!

Set the neutral gear right

The neutrals are quite in trend these days in the street wears.

But wearing them with caution is a must. You must know how to play with the various tones and shades of the neutrals. Wear the amalgamation of multiple neutrals rather than confining to a single color as if trying to hide out something!

Check the checks

Pair up some check with your attire for the street guy look!

The checks are in and are visible in all – ranging from the scarves, shirts, trousers to even coats. Though the art of pairing these classic pieces right is not everyone’s cup of tea; if you learn it, there’s no look back in this check-game.

The tip is to add some plain stuff to the overall look so that all in all it doesn’t appear as a mess.

Get down to the more delicate details

Avoid this look at high temperatures, but for the colder places, it’s going to be awesome.

Layer up your clothes, paying heed to the texture, one on the other to give that depth to your clothes and visible character.

This look is going to be trickier as one has to evaluate what would go better with the other thing. Also, the layering up of the textures tests your dressing sense for sure!

Also, do add the invisible socks to your wardrobe as they are going to be the next wow-accessory that the world is looking forward to.

With all these awesome dressing styles, own the streets you pass by!

Set your wardrobe right to sway those streets with your amazing streetwear!