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How To Mix And Match Colors, Patterns, and Fabric Like A Pro

May 31, 2018 3 min read

How To Mix And Match Colors, Patterns, and Fabric Like A Pro

Is your closet a sea full of neutrals? We don’t blame you. Putting neutrals together is super easy, and hey, neutrals never hurt anyone.

However, if you’re trying to up your style factor, mixing colors, patterns and fabric is the way to go; especially with a suit that fits like perfection. Bold suits make bold statements and leave lasting impressions, that’s why getting it right is the key to pulling off the look. Not sure where to begin? What are the mix-and-match rules? How much pattern is too much pattern? Here is your guide to mixing colors, patterns and fabric.

Colors: Select Your Palette

Think of your suit and shirts as your canvas – the basis for your accessories. Neutral bases, such as white or beige, are the easiest to match with brightly colored accessories such as a red bow tie or yellow pocket square, for example.

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Types of palettes include:

  • Monochromatic Palette.This simply means combining light and dark variations of one color. You can almost never go wrong with this palette. For example, a navy blue jacket combined with our lighter blueExtreme Cutaway Premium Shirt with French Cuff would make a perfect pairing.

  • Complimentary. Combining opposites of the color wheel result in a fantastic contrast that intensifies each color. For example, take a look at the wheel below and find your favorite shirt's color in the wheel. Draw a line directly across the center of the wheel to the opposite side: that's your complimentary color!

color wheel


If you’re looking to pair complementary colors but wish to tone it down a bit, paler colors are much easier to combine successfully than their vivid counterparts. Opt for theExtreme Cutaway Pink Weave Premium Shirt and a seafoam-colored tie for a more subtle statement. Remember to wear significantly more of one color than the other for best results.

  • Analogous.Neighbors on the color wheel work seamlessly together. The only rules here are to let one color be the star, with the others playing minor, supporting roles; and to avoid pairing bolds and pastels.

Feeling Bold? Consider Patterns

Patterns can make or break an outfit, particularly when more than one pattern is in play. The easiest way to tackle patterns is to combine them with solids. This also gives contrast in just the right amount. Wearing two patterns creates more of a risk; and if you do go that route be sure to differentiate the two patterns. Leave combining more than two patterns for a time when you have mastered the basics. 

Extreme Cutaway Orange Striped Shirt with the Knitted Dark Grey Pocket Square 100% Silk is our suggestion, plus this combination incorporates complimentary colors. The great thing about pattern mixing is the amount of options you can have with one suit, for example, keeping you looking sharp.

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Add Dimension with Different Fabrics

When it comes to mixing and matching fabrics, the sky really is the limit. Start simple, combining a neutral fabric such as wool, denim or cotton with a dominant one such as leather or tweed. We suggest pairing ourWide Spread Denim Shirt with linen trousers for a simple yet interesting look. Stay away from mixing fabrics that are completely different from one another or dominant in their own right, such as leather and velvet; that will have the fashion gods cringing.

Mixing and Matching 101: Keep it Simple

There is no question - mixing colors, patterns and fabric makes for several interesting looks. But when in doubt, remember to keep it simple. Style is all about self-expression, but less really is more. Take it slow, mastering each component before moving on to the next. Then, the fashion world can be your oyster.

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