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Hottest looks for Grooms (and their Groomsmen) this Summer

May 09, 2018 2 min read

Hottest looks for Grooms (and their Groomsmen) this Summer

If you’re getting married in 2018 and youstill haven’t figured out what you and your groomsmen will be wearing, this one is for you! It's not as simple as choosing a color and matching shirt and tie - you need to match the overall look to your wedding's style.

If you're not sure what that style is, go ask your fiancé right now. We'll wait.

Got it? Good! Now read on to find out how to build the perfect outfit for you and your crew on that special day.

The Black Tie Wedding

If your fiancé and yourself are planning an outlandish affair, this is the look for you. You’ll want to go with a black or charcoal grey three-piece suit (or double-breasted suit), with a classic white shirt with french cuffs paired with a solid color necktie or bow-tie and matching pocket square for extra flair.

Don’t skimp on this one: get the very best quality shirt you can afford and make sure the collar is either traditional point or wide spread for a more contemporary look. My suggestion: Dandy & Sons  Wide Spread Premium White Shirt with French Cuffs.

The Rustic Chic Wedding

If your wedding is taking place in a barn or outside, with lots of wood and foliage, that’s Rustic Chic. This style can be a little less formal than the Black Tie wedding, so you can take a few liberties with your wardrobe (but maybe ask first). On the more formal end of the spectrum, you can go with a navy blue suit paired with cognac shoes, white shirt, grey vest and a knit earth-tone tie.

On the less formal end of the spectrum, go with a tweed-like jacket, knit earth-tone tie and pair it with a dressy denim shirt like the Dandy & Sons  Wide Spread Denim Shirt.

The Beach Wedding

If you’re getting married on the beach, go for a light grey or beige suit paired with a crisp white shirt. It’s likely to be hot and windy, so make sure your suit is tailored and that your shirt fits just right (you don’t want extra fabric flapping in the wind).

Choose a soft, but lightweight shirt  like this one, and instead of a jacket, you could also go with a vest to manage the heat. You can choose to omit the tie for the party, but might want to add a nice blue or grey one for the ceremony and pictures.

The Non-Traditional Wedding

If you and your fiancé like to take the road less traveled, your wedding is probably a reflection of that. Non-traditional weddings say goodbye to the common traditions like the white dress, the cake, etc. In this case, you can have a lot of fun with your look and I’m sure this is likely something you’ve already put some thought into.

Go for bold colors, patterns and styles with suits, shirts and ties and don’t forget your non-conformist  extreme cutaway collar to tie it all together!

Weddings might last only one day but the pictures will last a lifetime! Make sure you and your groomsmen look dapper, but make sure to reflect your own personal taste in the styles you choose. After all, the day is all about you, right?