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4 Great Christmas Shirts for Men [2023 Edition]

November 09, 2023 3 min read

4 Great Christmas Shirts for Men [2023 Edition]

The Holiday Season is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with a brand new shirt from Dandy & Son!

Dress shirts for men are the perfect garment to wear this holiday season. Whether you’re attending a Christmas party, formal dinner or heading out to the pub, a smart dress shirt for men will ensure that you look great!

Dress shirts for men from Dandy & Son comes in a wide variety of colors, styles, fits and sizes, so you can express yourself however you like. Not only do they look great, but they will also be reliable pieces to turn to on special occasions throughout the year ahead. A brand new shirt is just what you need this Christmas season!

Extreme Cutaway Collar Shirt from Dandy & Son

The Extreme Cutaway Collar Shirt is a shirt style that has gained popularity in recent years. Which is not surprising! With its exaggerated cutaway collar and a great fit through the body and sleeves, it is a must-have for any well-dressed man who wants to look well-put-together and polished.

What makes Extreme Cutaway Dress Shirts unique is their dramatic collar. An extreme cutaway collar shirt can be worn for both formal and casual occasions as well as part of your work attire. Dandy & Son offers a large range of extreme cutaway collar shirts made from high-quality cotton fabrics. No matter your taste, we are sure you will find an extreme cutaway collar shirt you like!

Blue Extreme Cutaway Collar Shirt from Dandy & SonBlue Extreme Cutaway Collar Shirt from Dandy & Son

An Extreme Cutaway Collar Shirt from Dandy & Son can be worn and styled in many different ways. You can wear it with a smart and classic suit and a fun tie/necktie, or just with a pair of sleek pants or jeans.

We believe that an Extreme Cutaway Collar Shirt is stylish and is the perfect shirt for this holiday season!

Extreme Cutaway Red Striped Shirt

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Contrast Collar Dress Shirt

Contrast collar dress shirts are perfect for making an impression this holiday season. This style of dress shirt has a contrasting colour at the cuffs and collar which gives it a unique look. At Dandy & Son, we offer a range of contrast collar shirts in different colours and patterns, so you can find something that suits your style, mood and outfit!

Blue Striped Contrast Collar Shirt from Dandy & SonBlue Striped Contrast Collar Shirt from Dandy & Son

A contrast collar button down shirt is perfect for any formal occasion, but also looks great with relaxed attire too. Wear it with a smart blazer jacket and pants, or pair it with some jeans to mix up your look. You can never go wrong with this classic style of dress shirt!

Dandy & Son Limited Edition Shirts

To get into the festive spirit, why not try one of our limited-edition festive shirts? We have a selection of limited edition dress shirts which will make you stand out from the crowd. 

Dandy & Son Festive Limited Edition Shirts

Non-Iron Shirts

Non-iron shirts are perfect for those who want to look smart and put together, but don't have time to iron or steam. Non-iron shirts require no ironing or steaming and are crease-free straight out of the wardrobe! At Dandy & Son, we offer a selection of non-iron dress shirts in different styles. Wear it with confidence this Christmas, and you won't have to worry about any creases!

Cutaway White Premium Non-Iron Shirt French Cuff from Dandy & SonCutaway White Premium Non-Iron Shirt French Cuff from Dandy & Son

So there you have it - four different dress shirts for men from Dandy & Son that you can wear this holiday season! No matter what the occasion, these shirts will ensure you look sharp and stylish! Look your best this Christmas with a dress shirt from Dandy & Son.

We hope you have an amazing Christmas and look spectacular in your Dandy & Son shirt! Let us know how it goes by tagging us on social media or dropping us an email. We'd love to hear from you!

Extreme Cutaway Shirts from Dandy & SonExtreme Cutaway Shirts from Dandy & Son

Wishing You a Happy Holiday Season & Happy New Year!